tips in youtube marketingYouTube marketing is a powerful tool for B2B companies. The way corporations and brands communicate with their customers is changing as social media becomes more popular. In fact, companies look more like publishers than ever before. They are posting videos, white papers, case studies, podcasts and more.

YouTube marketing is perfect for providing customers and prospects with information about the goods and services a company provides. In some industries, the sales cycle can take many months or even years. Stakeholders at all levels have questions and concerns about product specifications, new models, vendor capabilities and work history.



Producing informative and entertaining videos, available 24 hours a day, gets the right information to the correct audience.

Google and Forbes Study

A December 2010 Google and Forbes Insights B2B Trends in Mobile and Online Video Study reported that 83 percent of executives watched video online more than the previous year. In addition, 75 percent of respondents said they also watched work-related videos on business-related websites. That number was up from 64% in 2009. Also, 54 percent of executives said they share videos related to their job or profession with coworkers at least weekly.

Clearly, business marketing and sales videos are increasingly popular. Here are some tips to maximize the investment in YouTube marketing and production.

Connect With the Audience

Audience engagement is a major factor in video viewership. Spend as much time nurturing and connecting with the audience as the time spent creating content. Link company social media to videos on YouTube. At the same time, link YouTube videos to pertinent pages on the company website.

Use Available Resources

Consider joint ventures with non-competing B2B companies serving the same industry demographics. Tap the supply chain for video topics of interest to the audience. For example, a company could interview their own vendors to show their prospects and clients the quality of the material they purchase.

Personalities Over Brand

Employ video hosts that the audience can identify with versus nondescript announcers. People want to do business with other people. Utilizing recognizable personalities develops loyalty and repeat viewership. They do not have to be famous, just engaging and credible.

Use Audience Suggestions

Ask viewers for ideas on what they would like to see on future videos. Are there tutorials that they would like to see? Ask them for suggestions and feedback, take action on those suggestions, and make sure to refer to the viewers by name that made the submission.

Leverage The Investment

Utilize YouTube marketing videos in other venues. Videos can be used in sales presentations, employee training, and industry trade booths. With a little creative thinking, a company can find many ways to maximize the investment in video production.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the Internet. YouTube marketing has grown alongside the growth of online video. Forward-thinking B2B companies are using video to shorten the sales cycle, educate clients, and promote customer loyalty. As a long-term marketing strategy, YouTube videos can expand the customer base and build revenue.

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