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5 YouTube Marketing Tips For B2B Companies

tips in youtube marketingYouTube marketing is a powerful tool for B2B companies. The way corporations and brands communicate with their customers is changing as social media becomes more popular. In fact, companies look more like publishers than ever before. They are posting videos, white papers, case studies, podcasts and more.

YouTube marketing is perfect for providing customers and prospects with information about the goods and services a company provides. In some industries, the sales cycle can take many months or even years. Stakeholders at all levels have questions and concerns about product specifications, new models, vendor capabilities and work history.



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online video marketing

online videos

Online video marketing represents an opportunity no small business can pass up. According to TechCrunch, YouTube gets 4 billion videos per day as of January 2012. That comes out to 60 hours of video uploaded every 60 seconds! Cooking at it another way, YouTube users are uploading one hour of video every second of the day.

Clearly, YouTube has a lot of activity. How can we translate that into marketing success for small business? Here are several advantages of using YouTube:

Lead Generation

Since 2008, YouTube passed Yahoo in total number of searches, becoming the number two search engine in the world. That means people are skipping Google and going directly to YouTube for information.


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Raising That Youtube View Count

raise youtube viewsWhen it comes to YouTube marketing, most of the efforts of the webmaster should be directed towards raising the view count of a video. Although there is something to be said for targeting a certain audience with a video, new businesses usually do not have the luxury of being able to direct Web traffic without a great deal of effort or money spent. It is usually much better for new businesses to create a core group of loyal YouTube video viewers who can help spread the word along with the webmaster.




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YouTube Tips for Making Money Online

youtube marketing tipsDuring your work break, you’re scouring YouTube for the latest videos that are going viral. On the weekends, you love making new playlists of your favorite YouTube music videos. When you get together with friends, you’re always filming funny shorts to upload to YouTube. If only you could make money with YouTube, right? In actuality, you can. These YouTube tips will help you to get such a YouTube following that you actually start earning extra cash.

Quality Speaks for Itself

The very first YouTube tip for making money is to put up quality content. Plain and simple, without high quality content, you won’t make a dime. YouTube is filled with great videos, many of them from professional videographers and filmmakers. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd and be considered among the top videos, you have to make sure it’s quality.


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YouTube Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

video marketing strategyToday, just about all marketing is done online. Small business owners and marketers had to learn how to keep up with the trends by familiarizing themselves with the latest social media websites. Everything from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and YouTube offers marketing opportunities for the modern business. For many companies, YouTube marketing strategies are supremely successful.

When it comes to using YouTube marketing strategies, a variety of factors need to be taken into consideration. Your audience should certainly be considered. The entertainment value of your videos is a factor. What freebies your message delivers should be determined. Even the length of your video plays a role – you don’t want it to be too short or too long.



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youtube marketing channelYouTube marketing is the next big thing. Popular culture always finds something to declare as the next path to easy money. All it takes is one success story, and everyone tries to follow the same path, but their results usually are very different. Success in some things require early involvement and those who come late to the party miss out on the money. YouTube is in that category, but the good news is that it is still relatively early for those who want to find success with this website.




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