video marketingYouTube is swiftly becoming one of the most ubiquitous and powerful media sources on the planet. With over 15 billion videos watched in May 2011, YouTube is swiftly eclipsing all other sources of video and print media. Due to this, YouTube marketing is becoming an increasingly attractive option for all types of businesses.

The Advantages of YouTube Marketing

Although at first known for videos of singing cats and dancing toddlers, YouTube is in fact an excellent method of generating leads and creating a large and loyal customer base.


With the ability to combine the tailored nature of direct advertising with the wide reach of traditional print and media advertising, a YouTube strategy provides any interested business with the following advantages.

Inexpensive Marketing

YouTube provides its services free, making it a very cost effective marketing strategy. In addition, the ability to leave videos online at no cost allows the business to create a library of videos that can help to generate leads or provide extra information to interested individuals.

While this will not eliminate all production costs, it will be far more economical than other forms of advertising. This is especially useful for smaller businesses that have a limited advertising budget.

Media with a Worldwide Reach

YouTube is a worldwide phenomenon, and a high trending video may be seen across the entire planet. Compared to traditional marketing tactics, this means that an effective YouTube strategy will not be geographically limited in the same way that a print or television ad campaign will be.

This is especially useful for companies that are marketing products or services that are available over a wide area. An effective YouTube marketing campaign can drastically expand their reach and generate leads from areas that otherwise would have never even heard of the company’s product or service.

Directing Traffic to the Company Website

In most cases, the goal of online advertising is to direct the customer to the company’s website. The nature of the YouTube interface makes it very convenient for interested customers to proceed to the company’s website or other online presence, such as a Facebook page.

By incorporating a call to action, either as a part of the video, or as a component of the comments, the video can seamlessly lead the customer to the corporate website. This is especially true given the ability to embed comments or hyperlinks into the video itself. This last tactic is especially useful, as it allows a YouTube marketing video continue to function even once downloaded from YouTube.

Finally, this tactic can be used for other online initiatives. An effective YouTube strategy can direct customers to the company’s Facebook page, online discussion groups or business affiliates. In this way, YouTube becomes a tool to introduce potential customers to the full spectrum of company services and goods.

The Ease of Creating a Customer Community

In today’s economic environment, it is vital to create a customer community in order to foster brand loyalty. An effective YouTube strategy will make this a centerpiece of any publicity campaign.

YouTube’s commenting feature allows customers and casual viewers alike to make comments about the video and the overall services of the company. By keeping track of and responding to these comments, a company can help create a sense of shared community among the viewers. Even better, this interactivity can help determine what the next YouTube marketing video should be. This provides a far more responsive experience than traditional marketing activities, which are typically top down in nature.

Making YouTube a Viable Consumer Assistance Tool

YouTube is not restricted to advertising and a company can vastly improve its reach by understanding this. YouTube marketing can include entire channels dedicated to informative videos. For example, a hardware business can produce a series of videos covering home improvement projects. While the goal will be to generate more customers, the nature of the videos means that for many consumers, this YouTube strategy will seem less like advertising and more like free help with their projects.

By adopting this marketing strategy, customer loyalty can be enhanced while the public will be more likely to view videos that they see as informative rather than being advertisements. In this way, the company can extend its advertising reach to those individuals who might not bother with a more explicitly advertising based video.

YouTube has become far more than a venue for home videos and humorous outtakes. It is now one of the primary methods companies can use to boost their online presence and create a large and loyal customer base. By making the YouTube marketing campaign a primary part of a company’s publicity campaign, it can be assured of reaching a large and diverse audience of consumers.

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