youtube marketing channelYouTube marketing is the next big thing. Popular culture always finds something to declare as the next path to easy money. All it takes is one success story, and everyone tries to follow the same path, but their results usually are very different. Success in some things require early involvement and those who come late to the party miss out on the money. YouTube is in that category, but the good news is that it is still relatively early for those who want to find success with this website.




How to Begin

Entrepreneurs looking to create a personal brand or companies seeking to promote their established brand should build a YouTube channel. This is where users are building viewers and making money doing it.

Four Steps to Starting a YouTube Channel

1. If you are a Google + member, then you can keep your user name from that site and use it with your YouTube channel. Otherwise, you can pick what you want, but choose something relevant to the brand you want to promote. Bear in mind you cannot change the name later.

2. Selection of the email linked to the account is an important consideration for those creating a channel for a business that is not a sole proprietorship. It is best to use an email that is not personal since others may need access to it.

3. Make use of the edit your channel buttons beneath the search bar. Use these to make changes to themes and colors for your channel.

4. Organize your videos. A user can choose to promote one main video on their channel or arrange a rotation of up to 12 videos.

Monetization of Your Channel

Provided the videos meet all YouTube legal requirements for being shown on their website, users may exercise their option to monetize their videos. This links a user Adsense account to their channel which is how the channel generates money. The ads shown on the channel are PCM ads which pay based on the number of impressions.

How to Make Money With Your Channel

1. The number of impressions is the number of people who view your videos. You must build traffic to your channel to realize profit from this. Successful channels are able to negotiate higher rates for their PCM ads.

2. Perform SEO for your YouTube channel to help drive traffic and add viewers. This is similar to optimization for websites.

3. Produce quality content that offers real value to the people who watch your videos. That value can take the form of entertainment or education. It does not matter what form as long as it has value for the consumer.

Remember What Social Media Means

Social media means users are social and interact with each other not just attempt to do business. After the video uploads ask people to comment on it and like it or subscribe to the channel. Do not discourage constructive criticisms, but rather respond to them in a proactive way. Send out friend requests and subscribe to other people with similar interests or companies that complement your business.

Optimization for Videos

Videos are slightly easier to notice on the Internet since there is currently less competition on video channels than there is among websites. The steps are similar to website optimization to make the video rank higher with the search engines.

1. Choose a title that makes sense for the video.

2. Underneath every video on YouTube there is space for including a description. Provide some indepth information as well as include a couple of links to a supporting website.

3. Make good use of the meta tags for the video. These are only visible to the user and the search engines. The normal principles of SEO apply here.

4. Engage in off site promotion in order to build back links to the video. Creating sites on Internet directories and embedding the video in those sites is a good step.

5. Make use of social media to link back to the video where possible.

Content is Number One

The most important thing that will determine the success of your YouTube marketing campaign is the value you provide to users. Everyone knows that all businesses and entrepreneurs want to make the next viral video, and they will spot a fake or poor attempt quickly. This could backfire into a viral video attacking your company. Whatever video you make, be sincere and genuine in the attempt and you will find people are more forgiving of mistakes. If you make something good and entertaining, people will share it with their friends and the exposure you seek will come your way organically.

What Kind of Video Should be Made

Some companies choose to make videos that show their social relevance or their connection to social issues. Others make funny things for people to watch and help them know their brand. The user must decide what is the best course for their endeavor.

What are the Most Popular Types of Videos

1. Anything with babies or cats is surprisingly popular and has been from the first days of YouTube.

2. Anything funny is popular, but comedy is very subjective and it is hard to find something universally appealing.

3. Music is king on YouTube. Find music to complement your video and experience greater success. YouTube is strict about proper ownership of music, so if you can’t afford to license professional music then seek out local musicians or others who will create some for you.

Those looking to market successfully with YouTube videos are on the right track. Text articles will continue to fill their niche, but the future belongs to video. The ability for almost anyone who owns a phone to create videos grows as the capabilities of phones continue to expand. Those with a budget can use bigger and better equipment or hire professional talent to produce videos, but somebody with a video of their baby biting his older brother will still upstage them.

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