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Online video marketing represents an opportunity no small business can pass up. According to TechCrunch, YouTube gets 4 billion videos per day as of January 2012. That comes out to 60 hours of video uploaded every 60 seconds! Cooking at it another way, YouTube users are uploading one hour of video every second of the day.

Clearly, YouTube has a lot of activity. How can we translate that into marketing success for small business? Here are several advantages of using YouTube:

Lead Generation

Since 2008, YouTube passed Yahoo in total number of searches, becoming the number two search engine in the world. That means people are skipping Google and going directly to YouTube for information.


Smart small businesses are uploading quality videos that help educate consumers on their products and services. At the same time, they are exposing their brand and generating leads. Without online video marketing, they would never have a chance to tell their story to this huge audience.

In addition, YouTube has a recommendation engine that suggests other videos related to the one a person has searched for. By constructing detailed video titles, tags and descriptions, YouTube will feature it as a “related video” next to high-traffic videos.

For example, if a business sells a product related to the Google Nexus tablet, by adding in descriptive titles and tags, they can expect their video to appear next to popular videos for that product. The system exposes a small business to the huge traffic already on YouTube.

Even outside of YouTube, Google Bing and Yahoo are incorporating video high in the search engine results pages. Online video marketing studies show that a small graphic image of a video gets more clicks than a simple text link. The result is that Google often features many YouTube videos above other sites. It gives small businesses the opportunity to rank high in the search engines for attractive keywords.

Quality Audience

While YouTube does have its share of wacky videos, few people realize the site has a high-quality audience. In 2009, the average income for YouTube viewers was $74,000. At that time, the median age was 33 years old. More than likely, it is even older now. In addition, 64 percent consider themselves tech savvy, 71 percent had steady jobs, and almost 70 percent had some college education.

Online video marketing is the perfect opportunity to find this elusive audience. They are accessing YouTube from multiple devices. According to YouTube, traffic to the site from mobile devices like tablets and smart phones tripled in 2011. Over 20 percent of YouTube views worldwide came from these units. YouTube can be accessed on over 350 million mobile devices worldwide.

The advantage to small businesses is they can reach their customers whether they are on a home computer, reading a tablet, or checking videos on a smart phone. Each device represents another opportunity for entrepreneurs and aggressive small business owners to get their message in front of their buying public.

Video marketing on YouTube represents a massive opportunity for small business owners to engage with a quality audience, generate leads and allow large numbers of prospects to familiarize themselves with their business. It takes a sustained effort over time, but the trends are clear. Online video marketing is here to stay and will only grow in the future.

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