raise youtube viewsWhen it comes to YouTube marketing, most of the efforts of the webmaster should be directed towards raising the view count of a video. Although there is something to be said for targeting a certain audience with a video, new businesses usually do not have the luxury of being able to direct Web traffic without a great deal of effort or money spent. It is usually much better for new businesses to create a core group of loyal YouTube video viewers who can help spread the word along with the webmaster.




YouTube strategy is fairly straightforward here: The more views that your video gets in the first week after it is placed online, the more resources that YouTube will place towards getting it continually viewed in the future. Below is a brief explanation of how the lists on YouTube can help you create more views for your YouTube marketing video.

Description of the YouTube Lists

When your video is first uploaded to YouTube, it is placed on the “just uploaded” list, which gives it some visibility among new viewers in the general YouTube community. This is why selecting an exciting title and indexing your video properly with the correct tags is so important – you want to make sure that your video is indexed in the sub listings that actually describe its content.

There are so many videos uploaded to YouTube in a day that your video will usually not stay on the “just uploaded” list very long. However, savvy webmasters will time the upload of their video to correspond with the least busy time on YouTube for their particular subheading [hint: it is usually on Wednesday]. They will also endeavor to get as many views as they possibly can while their video is still on this first list.

YouTube videos that are able to garner a large amount of hits while they are on the “just uploaded” list will then be moved to a “best of” list. YouTube has lists for videos that are popular within the day, the week and the month. Those videos that make these lists will receive additional visibility and even more hits from the general YouTube community. Ideally, you want to move smoothly from the “just uploaded” list to the “best of” or “most popular” list. The YouTube marketing secret behind this is to get views for your YouTube video, plain and simple.

Getting Views Quickly for Your YouTube Video

The secret for getting YouTube video views is to bring in your audience from other networks. This is definitely the secret for webmasters who have not yet had a chance to create an audience on YouTube.

You can start by incorporating your social networks from other social media hubs such as Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, and any other communities that you have been a part of. Do not spam them with links to your video; rather, continue to interact with them in a normal way and trot the link to your video as a solution to a question that you see come up. The more value that you can add to the real-time conversation, the more likely that you will be able to bring new views to your YouTube video.

One of the best ways to bring in quick views is to use social aggregation sites such as Reddit and Digg. If you pick an interesting title and index your video in the right place, you can actually create YouTube video views for yourself by getting on the front page of the social aggregation sites as well.

Also, do not be afraid to purchase a little bit of advertising from YouTube itself. There are many excellent programs that will allow your video more exposure than simply organic optimization will allow. If your video is especially important to the overall marketing campaign of your business, then you can definitely afford to spend a little bit of money to try to make one of the “best of” lists after your video falls off the “just uploaded” list.

If you have other videos on your channel, make sure that you link your new video to them as a video response. You can also increase your video views by getting all of your Facebook friends to like your YouTube on their webpages, which will expose it to their friends on Facebook as well.

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