The first thing you need to understand when developing your Youtube marketing strategy is this: View counts can be very hard to get and you must make your YouTube videos as engaging to your viewers as possible.

Play the video below to learn how!

There are many ways to improve your chances at getting a lot of views but you need to be creative, there are some video ideas that will probably get a lot more views than others, but the reality is that nobody is guaranteed views. Somebody might post a horrible comedy act, one that is not funny at all, and get thousands of times as many views as somebody who posts an honestly funny comedy sketch. There’s simply no telling what will blow up, when and how. That is the basic nature of viral videos.

However…. there are a few simple things that will help you to improve your videos and make them more interesting.

So how do you do that?   Well its pretty simple really , just give them real value and keep them interested in your video.

Go in with the assumption that absolutely nobody cares what your videos are about.  Why should they be interested in it? Assume that nobody cares, nobody has heard of you, nobody else is interested in what you’re talking about and nobody wants to watch your videos. If you provide them with exactly what they want, they will be interested as everyone wants valuable content that is of interest to them. you need to find your target audiences problem and provide the solution

Now, how can you keep them interested? Of course there are many ways you can be creative with the content itself, but there are a few simple tricks mentioned in the video above that will make a huge difference from making a boring video vs. a more exciting one. Even a great video doesn’t guaranteed views until you add real value– remember, what is in it for them (your target audience)?

Watch the video above for more ways to make your YouTube Videos more exciting, then… Dominate Google with Video

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