video marketing strategyToday, just about all marketing is done online. Small business owners and marketers had to learn how to keep up with the trends by familiarizing themselves with the latest social media websites. Everything from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and YouTube offers marketing opportunities for the modern business. For many companies, YouTube marketing strategies are supremely successful.

When it comes to using YouTube marketing strategies, a variety of factors need to be taken into consideration. Your audience should certainly be considered. The entertainment value of your videos is a factor. What freebies your message delivers should be determined. Even the length of your video plays a role – you don’t want it to be too short or too long.



Keyword Research: Your Very First Step

Before you even start down the path of recording a YouTube video for marketing purposes, you have to figure out if the product or service you’re selling is something that people want. You can make a YouTube video for virtually anything, but if it’s not something that people are searching for, it’s going to be time wasted.

There are plenty of keyword research tools at your fingertips, from downloadable software to websites like Google AdWords. Type in your topic and a list of related keywords and keyword phrases will be returned. You’ll be able to see how many people are searching for these keywords both in your area and nation- or world-wide, as well as what the competition for the specific keyword looks like. Ideally, you want to choose a topic with highly searched keywords and low competition.

When you finally upload your YouTube video, one of the best marketing strategies is to include these keywords in the URL, description and tag field. This way, people will organically find your YouTube video, which means part of your marketing efforts are already successful.

Entertainment Value

Even if your YouTube video gets across all the information you feel is valuable to the consumer, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to hold the viewer’s attention. Even the most simple or dull topics can be spiced up with certain entertaining tactics. Make sure that your YouTube video is not just informative, but interesting to watch as well.

There are three basic types of YouTube videos that seem to generate a ton of views:

1. Funny content, like practical jokes, candid cameras or a hilarious script
2. Footage that’s amazing or rare
3. “How To” videos that teach viewers something in easy-to-follow steps

If possible, try to fit your topic and YouTube marketing video into one of these three molds. This type of content is not just enjoyable and entertaining, but it has high share value, which means that viewers will be tempted to share it with their friends. This will immediately increase your views and, if you’re lucky, make your video spread like wild fire.

Video Length

You certainly don’t want a YouTube video that’s so short that viewers won’t remember your product when it’s over. However, you also don’t want a video that’s so long that people don’t even click it in the first place because they don’t want to spend twenty minutes watching a video about a service they’ve never heard of. The key is to stay somewhere in the middle.

The ideal YouTube video length is approximately three minutes. What if you have a message to deliver that takes longer than three minutes, though? Simply split the longer video into multiple shorter videos. This means that you’ll have to wrap up each individual and then encourage viewers to watch the next one at some point in the future. Overall, this will add to the total length of your message, but it’s worth it if it means gaining viewers.

Everybody Loves Something Free!

How do you really, truly hook people with your YouTube video? One of the best Internet marketing strategies is to give away something for free. This is useful for all types of companies, whether you’re offering products or services. Even if the public doesn’t know that they have use for what it is you’re selling, if they get it for free, odds are they’re going to take you up on the offer. From there, you’re bound to gain many more clients than you would have if you didn’t offer a freebie.

Your YouTube video should include information about what it is that you’re giving away for free. Make sure that you tell the viewer what they need to know in order to claim their freebie. If you simply say that you’re offering free samples but then neglect to direct consumers to your website, they’re going to assume it’s a hoax or that you’re unprofessional. Always include a call-to-action message at the end of your video, whether it’s a phone number to call or a website address to visit.

Consistency Builds Trust

One of the worst things that businesses can do is not remain consistent. If you plan on putting up a new YouTube video every week, then you have to stick to it, especially if you mention this in your first video. If a viewer thinks they’re going to be able to see a new video next week but you don’t put one up, you’re going to lose both their interest and their trust. This is horrible for business.

This can be difficult for business owners, because if something doesn’t take off right away, it’s tempting to stop what you’re doing and try something else. Remember, though, that starting something new takes time and followers won’t be immediate. Over time, though, you’ll notice your views starting to grow and eventually viewers will just keep coming back on their own, even on days that you don’t post anything new.

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