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YouTube marketing is a fast-growing trend. With just a few key steps, you can make the most of this phenomenon and use video marketing to grow your business.

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5 More Simple Ways to Make YouTube Marketing Work For You

1) Make Your Brand Visible
The first thing you should do when beginning a YouTube marketing campaign is visibly brand your content. It’s important to give first-time viewers a colorful logo or catchy brand name to remember. Included this at the beginning or end of each video. Set up your own YouTube channel, generate back links to your website and social media profiles. Be sure to use a relevant profile picture, as many viewers are likely to see your content before they click through to your channel page.

2) Keep It Short & Sweet
When it comes to YouTube marketing, video content should be relevant, interesting and engaging. Create videos that pertain to your specific products or services and aim them at your target demographic. This helps your videos to show up in search results, which drives potential customers to your profile.

3) Be Active
Fresh content is essential to keep people coming back. Posting new videos regularly and staying active within the YouTube community will keep your video marketing campaign visible.
• Reply to other user’s content with text or videos.
• Build a network of friends within your YouTube marketing niche.
• Favorite other videos to show your followers what you’re watching.

4) Promotion Is Key
Successful YouTube marketing includes active promotion. Having branded Twitter and Facebook accounts gives you avenues to share your videos with friends and followers. Post links when you create new videos and include a short description complete with relevant keywords to help drive traffic.

Sites like Digg and StumbleUpon give viewers a chance to share content that they enjoy, thereby expanding the reach of your video marketing campaign. Be sure to allow video sharing through these and other social media sites to expand the reach of your content.

5) Simple Subscriptions
The easiest way for viewers to be notified when you post a new video is by subscribing to your content, so make sure the link to do so is highly visible. Let people know that you have a channel by integrating a subscription link into your website or blog.

These steps will get you on your way to successful YouTube marketing by engaging potential customers and driving traffic to your website.

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