youtube marketing tipsDuring your work break, you’re scouring YouTube for the latest videos that are going viral. On the weekends, you love making new playlists of your favorite YouTube music videos. When you get together with friends, you’re always filming funny shorts to upload to YouTube. If only you could make money with YouTube, right? In actuality, you can. These YouTube tips will help you to get such a YouTube following that you actually start earning extra cash.

Quality Speaks for Itself

The very first YouTube tip for making money is to put up quality content. Plain and simple, without high quality content, you won’t make a dime. YouTube is filled with great videos, many of them from professional videographers and filmmakers. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd and be considered among the top videos, you have to make sure it’s quality.


What is quality, exactly? “Quality” means different things to different people. It’s not necessary – or possible – to appeal to every single YouTube browser. However, you do need to post videos that are entertaining and useful to a large number of people. How do you know if you’d achieved this? Don’t ignore the feedback. If you’re getting a lot of views and positive comments, that means you did something right. If you don’t seem to get a lot of shares or you’re receiving negative comments, don’t ignore them. Instead, learn from your mistakes and try again with a new, upgraded video.

Another excellent YouTube tip and one that makes a video of high quality is having it be interactive. Asking viewers to post counter videos in response to a topic that’s a bit controversial is one good tactic. Asking a question or requesting that your viewers weigh in on a certain topic also works. These are techniques that entice viewers to participate in your videos instead of just watch them. Today, one of the best ways to use social media is to engage your consumers instead of just talking at them.

Popularity Leads to Monetizing Opportunities

The only way you’re going to be able to monetize your YouTube video is if it’s popular. One of the best ways to help your video gain popularity it to share it on social media websites. It’s not enough to just post a link to your video once, though. You’ll have to regularly remind your audience that the video is out there just waiting to be watched. Ultimately, being popular online is the best way to get opportunities to make money with your videos.

What makes a popular video, though? Either something funny and highly entertaining or something informative and interesting. Ideally, combining must-have information with fun is the best way to go. Comedy skits, silly videos and “How To” videos are all great ideas and seem to go far on YouTube. Even if you’re only going to make your video informative, it should still be lively instead of boring.

Another YouTube tip for gaining views is to stick to a posting schedule. Once a few people like your first video or two, they’re bound to come back for more. If they know that you always post new videos on Friday mornings, chances are they’ll remember to always revisit your YouTube channel at this time. If you don’t stick to a posting and social media schedule, you won’t remain front-and-center in your consumers’ minds.

Different Ways of Earning Money from YouTube

There are a few different ways to cash in on your video’s popularity:

• Partnering with YouTube to share the profits
• Selling the rights to the video so that it can air on multiple networks
• Endorsement deals
• Advertising campaigns

YouTube Partnerships

YouTube partnerships are one of the most popular options for users who have posted several popular, successful videos. This means that you’ll first have to create your own YouTube channel and then post all of your videos on this channel. Once you have a collection of several videos that have received a lot of attention, you can apply to YouTube for a partnership. This means that you’ll be able to generate money from any video you upload, whether it’s successful or not.

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